Flavours of Bahia

Bahian cuisine is inspired by Africa and influenced by the different cultural communities, such as the Indian population, living in Bahia over the centuries. The most emblematic dish is the moqueca: shrimp or fish cooked in dendé (oil palm) and coconut milk; and the most delicious Bahian dessert is the Quindim (made from egg yolks and coconut).

“What is surprising about this market is that you can find beets, carrots, garlic, onion, potatoes, and cabbage, just like in the French or British markets, right next to chouchous, guavas, mangoes, and absolutely incredible fruit we don’t have back at home. It’s like a fabulous marriage between world diversity and our gardeners… Salvador is a party, a hymn to life, a beauty spot on the face of the world.”

Olivier Roellinger
An extract from “Trois étoiles de Mer chez Flammarion