Bahia's best tables

Your host, Bruno Guinard, landed in Bahia 30 years ago – so bewitched by the charm of the city, he decided never to leave: “In Bahia, everyone co-exists and everyone becomes Bahian. Assimilation is not the approach here, in Bahia, everyone can breathe.”

Bruno’s preferred tables… and favourite places to take a break
•  Aconchego da Zuzú, good quality Bahian cuisine with excellent service and great music.
•  Amado to taste local haute cuisine on the terrace overlooking the Bay.
•  Pereira, very hip with contemporary cuisine and a superb view of the ocean.
•  Churrascaria Boi Preto for the best spit roast brochette in the city!
•  Le Glacier Laporte, true ice cream made with exotic flavours, opposite the Church of Sao Francisco.
•  Le Cafelier, a cosy tea salon in an old colonial house, in the historic centre.
•  Acarajé da Cira for the best beignet in the city.
•  Borracharia, this small garage turns into a bar with a DJ and wild cocktails each night.
•  Caminho de Casa for the party crowd, open 24/7, with tapas and cocktails on the terrace.