A day in the life of Bahia

Bahia beats to the rhythm of an omnipresent drum. Each day and night is a celebration of life.

Monday sees the churches do Carmo in Rosario filled with powerful percussion as the Candomblé mystics reconnect to their Catholic and African gods.
Trance reaches a crescendo by Tuesday night with steel drums and tambourines resonating from the steps of the Church of Dos Passos and the roaming samba schools.

In São Bento, weekends start with sweet Gregorian chants… but the music doesn’t stop when the sun sets over All Saints Bay (perfect to view from Ponta de Humaitá). As night falls, snacks and cocktails continue at the beachside kiosks in Riberia and samba fills the air. Even the Museum of Modern Art can’t resist, with jazz groups performing there every Saturday night.

Dates to remember
• In January, Lavagem do Bonfim, a celebration in honour of Oxala, the famed Candomblé god.
• In February, the biggest street party in the world, Carnival!
• In June, Festas Juninas – the city is adorned with colour, music and dancing in the streets.