5 good reasons to go to Bahia

1 • Closer than you imagine
Bahia is less than 8 hrs from Europe (2 hrs from Sao Paulo) with virtually no time difference!

2 • A tropical country par excellence!
Bahia has a soft, warm climate with sunny days all year round. Countless terraces, comfortable hammocks, music filled nights…

3 • A melting pot of cultures
Within a few hours of arrival you will become Bahian! The magic of this city is the melange of nationalities, where nobody remains an outsider for long.

4 • A country of faith
Encapsulated by its real name, Saint Salvador de Bahia of All Saints, Bahia welcomes all religions with 365 churches peacefully co-existing alongside the mystical Candomblé faith.

5 • The rhythm of life
Generous and deeply human, Bahia is a city where music is a part of life: Carnival, Candomblé, samba schools on every corner… Bahia’s beaches are alive with dance!